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The Puzzle of Language Learning

I’m not a jigsaw puzzler. Growing up, my grandmother, mother and twin sister would gather around a puzzle and work in silent camaraderie as they slowly built a complete picture out of what used to be a jumble of separate … Continue reading

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Renew Your Vision For Writing

I have a guest post today on the fabulous Arkansas Women Bloggers site. Drop by and learn 5 Ways to Renew Your Vision for Writing, and check out some of the best bloggers in the state of Arkansas while you’re … Continue reading

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Tales of Yemen: The Guide

The girl spied us outside the museum and hurried to our sides. She wore the black abaya all Yemeni women wore, but her headdress and veil were a stunning white, a unique combination that made me pause. The girl jumped … Continue reading

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