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Publishing News!

I’m excited to share that Vinspire Publishing has acquired my middle grade mystery series, Pen and Quin: International Agents of Intrigue. 12 year old twins, Penelope and Quin Grey Reyes are shipped off to Mexico to visit their grandparents for … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY TIME and Newsletter News!

2016 was a good year here. I know, I know. Political craziness, Standing Rock, continued racial tension and climate change (yes, I said it. 2016 was the warmest year on record, y’all!). Most people weren’t sad to see 2016 go, … Continue reading

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Writing is a Marathon

As a runner and an athlete, the idea that life is a race I’m running has always appealed to me. I’m on a course but I can choose how I run this race. Do I sprint the whole way and burn out? Do I choose the way of the turtle, slowly but surely getting to the finish line? Do I fix my eyes on the runner just ahead of me and let her pace me, or do I blaze past her and hope I have the endurance to keep the pace?

And what does this have to do with writing? Continue reading

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