2014 going…going…

ID-10061633Is the month getting away from you?

Between the parties, holiday shopping, festive atmosphere, not to mention those early evenings, 2014 is slipping away quickly.

I’m staring at a note card pinned to the bulletin board above my desk, the one labeled 2014 followed by the three major writing goals I wanted to accomplish this year.

I love this habit of setting writing goals in January.

I hate it in December.

Today I see a checkmark by the first goal – finish that novel and send to agent. Done.

The next two? Hmm. It’s true I’ve started on my next book, but the goal? Start and finish. Ah, this revision thing is dragging on. This book has been more difficult to write than any other, but perhaps all books feel that way when you’re in the middle of revision.

That last goal? I’m not going to hit it. Not in 2014. ID-100296778

So, as I sit at my desk, revising like mad to finish Goal 2 (and this revision won’t be a final one by any means), and staring at Goal 3, the one I won’t hit this year, and Goal 1, that completed novel, the one I had high hopes for this year that haven’t yet come to pass, I’m starting to feel like 2014 was a struggle, that I haven’t accomplished much as a writer, that maybe I’m a failure at this writing thing.

So today, instead of focusing on those end goals, I’ll focus on the little things I have accomplished.

I’ve continued to write, mostly every day.

I’ve hit walls in writing, and struggled over them (sometimes it felt like right through them). I’ve not reached my goal to be published, but I haven’t given up, either.

I’ve had another year to pursue a career I love, with the support of people who love me.

So, 2014 goals? Thanks for giving me a jumping off point.

Time to enjoy the successes of the year, no matter how small, and start planning those goals for 2015.

2015 is wide open! ID-100293637

Did you hit some writing goals in 2014? Are you already planning your goals for 2015?



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